Does Trequartista Translate to Scottish?

As is well documented within this blog and as is common knowledge, Scotland have a recently woeful record of qualifying for Major Tournaments such as the World Cup or European Championships. Reasons behind this including bad managers, bad players, bad luck, lack of investment, lack of youth development and even the break up of the Soviet... Continue Reading →

Bohemian Armchair Football 

The amount of free to air football on television has decreased significantly over the last few years, accelerated by the well documented riches provided through multi million pound/Euro TV deals spanning most major European Leagues , European club, International and worldwide competitions. Many arguments could be made both for and against the power of television... Continue Reading →

Brief Comparison of British Football

Football fans need rivalries. Whether watching teams at the lower end of the league system such as Linlithgow Rose v Bo'Ness United or games at the very top such as Barcelona v Real Madrid; rivalries add to the fan's experience, add interest, add passion and add a point of reference as well. Scotland have England.... Continue Reading →

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